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Polly+Morfs : Internet Miranda Warning.
Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Now featuring a new and probably slightly broken server.
5 years ago, XIX said.
We are on a total roll, so far it's been like two comics this year already.


There is NO STOPPING US!!!!!1111
4 years ago, XIX said.
Based on a true story, CrunchTimeTips is an important and under represented voice to bring into the discussion of gamedev crunch time.
4 years ago, XIX said.
Question: Why did you wait a year before you updated a comic?
Answer: You're a towel.

Also, DoubleNo.
4 years ago, shi said.
LightAsAFeatherStiffAsABook is an homage to the advancement of technology. Well, it's not really a homage. More like a curse. Next time you walk up or down or around a flight of stairs, think about the possibilities. Think of us.

See you next week (possibly)!
5 years ago, shi said.
To appease the 4lfa gods, I bring forth this comic, DevelopersSwear as a sacrificial token; having spent the past few hours of daylight on a guest strip for http://odd-fish.net

Hopefully, the strip was not made in vain!
5 years ago, shi said.
The long lost animated adventures of poly+morfs can now be found at http://4lfa.com/video and I promise to try very hard not to lose them again.
5 years ago, XIX said.
Well would you look at that VideoOuija Another new comic. It's almost as if we are updating 4lfa.com again.

In other news we now have a working random button so you can clicky clicky randomly until you get bored.
5 years ago, XIX said.
we have awoken from our slumber with offerings of super-geeky references that few may or may not get! you will have to thank the other denizen of 4lfa for that; i had nothing to do with PerlOfWisdom

in other news, that comic book i was going on and on about in previous posts is finally finished and available for grabbage! well, it has been available for quite some time now but i digress, go buy! - http://braindamagefilms.com/books-comics/comics/drive-in-horrorshow-comic-book/
5 years ago, notshi said.

The chewy morning coffee has become a staple breakfast, like that strange salty curdled yogurt drink that you learn never to buy again.


Only I do buy it again and again and again.

The only thing I have learned is that drinking it quickly is the least worst course of action.
6 years ago, KrissD said.