Polly+Morfs: Post naval depression.

Poly: I think we may have just shipped another one of them game things.

Morf: Well, you know what they say...

Poly: Uhm, "What doesn't kill you slowly chips away at your soul until you finally seek the sweet release of death."?

Morf: NO!

Morf: Not those voices...

Poly: What do you mean? What other voices are there?

The gif presented here for your amusement was generated by a Fun64 program.

This also marks another 4lfa.com rebuild using plated to generate this website statically. The comics are, obviously, just blog posts with some display template shenanigans. Unlike most of the other plated sites we have setup sofar this one is not on github but instead pushed directly to one of our servers whenever a change is detected in the associated git repository.